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Things You Need to Know About Cremations

Certificate of Cremation (Sample)

Charlie Marshall Crematory offers five (5) different types of cremation services.


    This cremation service is for families who want immediate cremation with no viewing or perhaps they choose to have a memorial service at their church or home without the body present and only want to contract for the cremation itself. It includes removal from the facility or home, arrangements, counseling, securing doctor’s signatures on death certificates, securing signatures on cremation permits, authorization and transit permits, bookkeeping and accounting and general clerical administration, vehicle, cremation fee and the cost of insurance and maintenance.


    This cremation service is the one most people associate with cremation. This is where the cremation takes place and then there is a service in our Chapel or your Church with or with out the cremains being present. This service includes all of #1 plus our Chapel for services, the Register Book, Thank you Cards and choice of Music. We incorporate personal touches to our services such as photographs, tackle boxes and fishing poles for the fishing enthusiast, saddle, rope and spurs for the rancher and other personal items that reflect the person whose life is being celebrated.


    This cremation service is for families who choose cremation but the immediate family members would like to view the body before cremation occurs. It is chosen by the families who did not have the opportunity to say goodbye or were not able to arrive from out of town. It includes all of the services of #1 plus the preparation of the body, such as bathing and dressing, (it does not include embalming) and the stateroom. Although we offer a selection of cremation caskets, we also offer these families a “cremation bed” whereby without the cost of purchasing a casket they may view their loved one on our “cremation bed”, a twin size bed with full bedding, in a soothing and accustomed atmosphere. It may also be used for services in our Chapel.


    This type of service is for the families who want their friends and extended families to view and have the opportunity to visit before the cremation takes place. They have a choice of cremation caskets or cremation bed, the stateroom, register book and cards and viewing and visitation for the day so that people can come by the funeral home and sign the book, view the body and visit with the family. It includes all of # 1 plus embalming, dressing, cosmetology, and preparation of hair.


    This type of service is a traditional funeral service with the body present with the only difference being at the end of the funeral service, the body goes to the crematory instead of a cemetery. As with all our funeral services we tailor to the individual family’s needs and traditions. As with our tranditional funeral services, you may choose to have your service at our Chapel or the Church of your choice. We offer a procession to the crematory for our Hindu and Buddhists families.




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